Extracts of real letters received by us from some of those we've helped


To thank you from the depth of our heart

How can we even start?

All the money - £200 you gave

No doubt – summer 2011 you surely did save!

Kind and very generous you’ve been


You made our holidays have another mean!

Our gratitude to you – we cannot repay

U (you) should always have all the best in every way

"Thank you for granting my application for Respite Care for my Mum it means a lot to me."

"Thank you for the help with Respite care for our Son, it enabled him to spend time with a very experienced carer which in turn has given us peace of mind…we have been able to spend some time with our other older children in activities which would have not been possible otherwise."

"The Carer supplied was excellent and we were able to totally relax for a whole week, very many thanks for helping to make that possible."

"I would like to say a big thank you for the Respite care provided for my Husband…it takes a lot of the worry away….you do wonderful work."

"Just wanted to drop you a few lines to express my heartfelt thanks….aside from the Fireman’s Benevolent Fund your charity is the only organisation that offered help for which I am extremely grateful….if there is ever anything I could do for you I’d be more than happy. God Bless you."

"I write to thank you for providing the Respite Care for my Mother….It makes a huge difference knowing that there are people and organisations out there who are on our side."

"As much as we love our daughter her disabilities do put a tremendous strain on us. Because of the support you gave us we had time to ourselves whilst knowing she was being really well cared for….This year I and the rest of the family had moments of being very stressed so the Respite that your organisation provided was even more needed and appreciated than we had anticipated."

"Thank you…..I was able to relax at home and enjoy some rest time, a luxury I don’t get the opportunity for very often…apart from your help I have only had two weekends’ break in the last 18 months…….Many thanks to you all and keep up the good work."

"Thank you once again for your help given to my Husband and me, its wonderful."

"I wanted to say a big thank you for allowing me to have Mum looked after while I had a week’s break... I had a lovely break on my own with the knowledge that Mum was being cared for completely, I relaxed and even went out without my mobile phone, so was completely stress free."

"I can now have a break for three hours each week. The first week I was able to sit at home quietly, I can’t remember the last time I did that. Last week I went shopping and this week spent some quality time with my other Son which was marvellous. Yes life is still difficult, but I feel more relaxed and in control because of the regular respite, I can’t thank you enough..."

"...All the help you gave me and my Husband while he was so ill and I was nursing him at home was gratefully appreciated...My biggest worry was night care. The Respite Association took that worry from my shoulders. Caring for a loved one at home is something we would all want to do for as long as possible. You made that happen for me."

"...this gave me time to relax and keep in good health. Thank you for your generous help"

"I cannot begin to explain how much this (Respite Care) has meant to us over the past weeks... I have been able to spend some time with my other Daughter relaxing and doing the ordinary things like shopping together... Once again from the bottom of our hearts, Thank you"
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A message from our Patron Miss Joanna Lumley OBE, FRGS

" Of all the unsung heroes in the world, carers come top of my list. It is humbling to read of the love, time and dedication they give so constantly to others: their voices are seldom heard, as they so seldom complain. When they DO call for help we must react at once, with support and understanding and gratitude. And lovely money: what seems like peanuts to larger organisations would be a godsend to the Respite Association, as it means that we can help ease the burden (which would be intolerable in our own lives) and bring some comfort, escape and freedom to those who give their all to others every day and night, week after month after year. These are my heroes: these are the stars I admire and applaud. Knowing that every gift to Respite will bring happiness touches me hugely.  I am so proud to be Patron of this fine charity. "