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The North East

North Yorkshire

Wife caring for her husband who is a Tetraplegic which means that he requires 24 hour around the clock help and attention. In addition to providing care for her husband she also provides support to her elderly Mother who is very frail. The lady herself has developed Diabetes. We were pleased to be able to help this lady get a well deserved period of respite by providing care for her husband for a fortnight.

Tyne & Wear

This case involves a Mother (single parent) caring for an eight year-old daughter who has Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.The Mother desperately needed to have a break to re-charge her batteries, However, she did not want to leave her daughter entirely. We were able to arrange to fund a week's break in which the Mother could have some personal space but see her daughter each day. It was also necessary to ensure that the daughter was within easy reach of suitable medical back-up.

Stockton On Tees

Mother caring for her 5 year-old daughter who has Autism, the child is very demanding and needs constant supervision. The Mother wanted to have a four-hour break each week just to give her a little personal space. We have arranged for appropriate care to be provided for an initial period of three months. Case brought to us by local Autism Charity.

Tyne & Wear

Mother with three children aged 4, 9 and 11 is currently receiving Chemotherapy. The children's Father is also ill and receiving medical treatment. We are assisting the family by providing three places in a `after school' facility for a period of sixteen weeks whilst Mum recovers from two Mastectomies and her subsequent treatment.


Young married couple caring for a 7 year-old child who has Downs Syndrome and a variety of other health problems, the lad has no sense of danger and very poor communication skills. We were able to provide the parents with a number of short respite breaks so that they could have some time to re-charge their batteries.

The North West


A Mother caring for her 20 month old daughter who has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. The child needs round the clock attention. We are providing a trained Nursery Nurse who will look after the child for one day during each week of the Summer School Holidays in order that Mum can spend some quality time with her other children.


A Mother requesting help with respite care for her ten year-old daughter who has Dyspraxia, Autism and communication problems. The child is extremely demanding. The Mother has been unable to get assistance from Social Services and was referred to us by a local Carers Charity as being in need of urgent help. We have been able to ensure the provision of respite care to relieve the Mother of all of the strain during the Summer/Winter School Holiday periods.


Mother with two children one is a boy aged six and the other a fourteen year old girl with Downs Syndrome. Mother wanted help with the provision of some respite care to cover a four hour period on a Saturday morning so she could go with her son to watch him play football. We were pleased to be able to help. It is often the case that the able bodied child in a household like this gets inadvertently neglected.


Wife providing care for her husband who has Frontal Lobe Dementia, just to add to her problems this lady had broken her leg, and was seeking some help (which Social Services declined!!) with a few hours respite care each week whilst her leg healed. We were pleased to assist although appalled that other help was declined, something we very strongly objected about (without success) to the local Director of Social Services.


Married couple with a teenage daughter who has severe learning difficulties together with major physical disabilities, requiring round the clock attention. Parents required help with the provision of some night care so that they could both get a break. We have been able to fund five breaks for them over the next six months.

East Anglia


Case brought to us via The Alzheimer's Disease Assn. An elderly lady caring for her husband who was in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's and also had a terminal heart condition. This lady requested assistance to fund four hours respite per week. We provided a grant to cover thirteen weeks, unfortunately the gentleman died after 9 weeks. This lady has expressed her gratitude for the help we were able to provide during the last weeks of her husband's life.


Case brought to us by a Social Services Dept. A single lady caring for her elderly Mother with severe Mental Health problems. This lady's local church have arranged a week's holiday for her, on the proviso that she could locate and fund a carer for the period she would be away.  We have provided a grant to cover the employment of a suitable carer.


Mother caring for her six year-old son who needs constant attention (he is still in nappies) through both day and night. Mother wanted some assistance with respite care so that she could spend some quality time with her other child. We are providing cover for 4-5 hours each weekend for a period of three months after which the case will be reviewed.


A Mother caring for her six year old son who has Cerebral Palsy. This young child cannot walk and requires a great deal of help with all his daily activities and needs. This case was brought to us by a local carers Charity who had identified the Mother as needing urgent help if she was to be able to continue in her caring role. We were pleased to be able to offer some short-term respite so that the Mother could re-charge her batteries.

West Midlands


This case involves a husband and wife with two children, the youngest of which was diagnosed with Leukaemia at four months. After six months' treatment the baby has not responded and is now in the terminal stages of the disease. Mother is unable to get any assistance from the local Social Services as they apparently consider the child is so young that the Mother should be able to support it full time anyway!! The Mother wants to spend as much time as possible with her baby but would also like to spend a little quality time with her three year-old and would like a little time to herself also. We have been able to support the provision of two four hour sessions of respite care each week for a period of three months, following which we anticipate giving further assistance if it is required.


We were able to provide some short term respite care to help this family, who have one young child with Cancer. The respite breaks we provided were needed so that they could spend some quality time with their other young children.


Elderly wife caring for her husband who has advanced Alzheimer’s Disease. We were able to support the provision of a suitably qualified carer to come into the home for a week, giving the wife the opportunity to take a short break.

East Midlands


Case brought to us by a County Federation of Mental Health Support Groups. Husband requires assistance with bathing, washing, dressing, etc., etc. The wife has arranged for her husband to have a week's care in a home run by The Leonard Cheshire Foundation so that she can have a desperately needed break, unfortunately she is unable to find the money required as a personal contribution toward the week's care. We have made a grant to cover this.


Husband had a terminal brain tumour, he had little use of his left side and his speech was very limited. Social Services provided support for half an hour each morning and evening so that help was provided with toileting and feeding. The couple paid £57 a week towards the cost of this help from the Attendance Allowance provided to them. The wife sold her husband's car in order to fund a sitter for 3 nights a week so that she could get some rest, but this money ran out. Due to our limited resources we were not able to offer to fund the whole of this respite care, although we made a grant to cover the cost of providing a carer to cover one night a week and maintained this provision until the death of the gentleman some few months later.


Wife caring for her husband who can do very little for himself, she has to deal with most of his needs including: toileting, feeding, putting to and getting out of bed, etc. We were able to provide this highly stressed lady with a break by arranging for a week's care in a suitably equipped residential nursing home.


This is another case in which a wife is caring for her husband after he suffered a stroke. Recently the husband has contracted a kidney infection which means he needs even more care and attention. We have been pleased to help this lady to have a break by providing a week's respite care for her husband.

Home Counties


Single lady who cares for her 93 year-old Mother who has a variety of health problems mostly associated with her age. This case was brought to us by SSAFA. Some assistance in relieving the daughter of full-time care was needed if she was to be able to continue to look after her Mother at home. We are jointly funding (together with SSAFA and Crossroads) an initial period of ten weeks' assistance that gives the lady a one-day a week break.


Wife caring for her husband who is terminally ill with multiple myeloma. Although some help is being provided by the NHS (District Nurse cover etc) it was felt that everything was getting too much for the wife and some additional short periods of respite care would enable her to keep her head above water. We are currently enabling the provision of a series of short breaks for this lady.


London E5

Mother caring for her 9½ year old son who has Global Development Delay, Hiptonia and Brittle Bone Disease. We were able to provide Mum with a break from her twenty four hour a day Caring role whilst at the same time providing her child with a rewarding experience by part funding the cost of sending him to a specially organised two week summer camp.


In this case a single lady provides care for her very elderly Mother. The Mother suffers from advanced Dementia together with a variety of health problems including severe Arthritis and being doubly incontinent. The daughter provides night and day cover for her Mum. We were approached by a carers' organisation with a request that we help this lady by providing an alternative carer for five nights, so that the daughter could get some occasional full nights sleep.


Divorced mother caring for her 7 year old daughter who has had both her hands and legs amputated as a result of meningitis (Meningococcal Septicaemia). The child obviously needs a high level of care. An added problem is that the young girl suffers from phantom limb pains which require regular treatment and medication. Unsurprisingly the mother was in desperate need of a break and we were delighted to be able to help so that she could have a number of short weekend breaks.


Wife caring for her husband who had a heart attack ten years ago which damaged his left ventricle. Sadly the gentleman’s health is also seriously affected by Diabetes, Kidney Failure, Anaemia and Gout. Together with the referring charity we were able to provide the wife with a week's break. Case referred to us by Bikur Cholim D’Satmar.


This couple are in many ways typical of the remarkable sort of people we help. The family includes two young boys both of whom suffer from Fragile X Syndrome and two daughters with learning difficulties. In addition, following the recent death of the wife’s Mother, they are now caring for her Father a man who is a Holocaust survivor having been in several Nazi Concentration Camps. This elderly gentleman now suffers from Parkinsons Disease and clinical depression. Unsurprisingly, this couple really need a break from the daily round of caring duties. We were pleased to be able to arrange for them to have a fortnight’s break to spend some time on their own.



This case involves an elderly wife caring for her husband who has Dementia and Emphysema, the latter requiring the use of a nebuliser and oxygen. This lady was very close to exhaustion when referred to us. We were glad to be able to help her by providing a number of short periods of respite care spread over six months.


A young mum who has three young daughters, the two eldest both have Autism. The Mother wanted some help with respite care for the two elder daughters during the summer so that she could attend some activities with the other daughter who due to the demands of the elder girls can get unintentionally overlooked.  We were glad to be able to assist.

The South West


Elderly lady who is looking after her husband who has severe Dementia. This lady wanted to take a weekend break from her normal caring role, which was becoming very tiring for her. We were pleased to be able to assist by arranging for alternative care for her husband over a weekend period.


Case brought to us by Age Concern. This single lady is struggling to care full-time for her aged Mother who has a catalogue of chronic health problems. This lady has been offered the chance of a two-week break. The general view was that unless this woman had a break she would soon be unable to continue in her role of carer. There was an opportunity to place the Mother in an Abbeyfield home whilst the daughter was away, however this required a personal contribution by the daughter that she could not afford. We have made a grant to cover this cost and enable the lady to take a well-earned break.


Case brought to us by The Motor Neurone Disease Assn. Husband was in the advanced stages of MND. Wife requested three hours' a week respite care during which time she intended to attend an art class for relaxation. We were pleased to assist by enabling the provision of suitable cover for a period of up to twelve months. Sadly her husband passed away after a few months.


We were able to provide a period of respite for a young mother who is caring for her young daughter who has Asperger's and other debilitating conditions. Case brought to us by Social Worker.

The South East


Married couple looking after 85 year-old Father who has a number of health problems together with Dementia. The main burden of care falls on the wife who was seeking some support. The help requested was for three days' break per month, this we were able to offer to support for a period of six months. Support was provided for three months' at which point the Father's health had declined rapidly and he has regrettably had to go into full-time residential care.


This case involved providing some respite care for a young child with Autistic Spectrum Disorder whilst his Mother travelled to attend a family Funeral.


Wife caring for her husband who has had a stroke which has left him with no speech and serious right hand side weakness, Although this gentleman’s condition may improve with time, he currently needs constant attention and reassurance, which is very demanding upon the wife. We were pleased to be able to provide respite care enabling the wife to have a week's break. Case referred to us by Caring For Harlow Carers.

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