Corona Virus

In these challenging times we would like to assure all carers that The Respite Association is here for you. Whilst it may be challenging to find alternative care at the moment we recognise that you will desperately need a break once the current restrictions are lifted. We will be remaining open throughout the crisis, we will be accepting grant applications as usual. So that if a grant is offered, even if you cannot use it immediately, it will be there for you once things return to normal.

On behalf of everyone at The Respite Association, we send all of our best wishes, and hope you stay safe through these challenging times...

We are here for you. 


Welcome to the Respite Association

The Respite Association was born on May 16th 2001. A group of people, all with first hand experience of the stress put on carers, had come to realise that there was very little support available for those caring for loved ones. That small but committed group of people decided that the best way forward was to create an organisation whose sole aim was to care for the carers by providing respite. When you are caring for someone the task can be overwhelming. You can be on ‘duty’ for 24 hours a day for seven days a week with no breaks or holidays. This is too much to ask of anyone.

So what do we actually do?
We provide short term assistance in the funding of appropriately qualified respite care for disabled, sick, elderly or terminally ill persons in order that their regular unpaid carer can be allowed to take a much needed break.

In addition we have caravans at Skegness and Blackpool in order to offer free respite breaks for carers.
Who will we help?
Many of the people who are at home caring for loved ones are forced to live on very limited incomes. It is these people that we are working to help.

What does it cost?
Whilst providing suitably qualified carers in the home or funding a temporary place in a residential care centre can be expensive, the benefits to the carer are beyond measure. The cost and level of support varies dramatically from a few pounds to several hundred with an average level of around £450.

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If you wish to make a Text donation the number on the screen is wrong.

Please text "Carers" to 70450 to donate £5

texts cost £5 plus standard rate message and youi'll be opting in to hear more about our work and fundraising via SMS. If you'd like to give £5 but without opting in to receive marketing communication from us text 'Carersnoinfo' to 70450

Create a fundraising page using Virgin Money Giving    The Respite Association is a registered charity number 1086598

A message from our Patron Miss Joanna Lumley OBE, FRGS

" Of all the unsung heroes in the world, carers come top of my list. It is humbling to read of the love, time and dedication they give so constantly to others: their voices are seldom heard, as they so seldom complain. When they DO call for help we must react at once, with support and understanding and gratitude. And lovely money: what seems like peanuts to larger organisations would be a godsend to the Respite Association, as it means that we can help ease the burden (which would be intolerable in our own lives) and bring some comfort, escape and freedom to those who give their all to others every day and night, week after month after year. These are my heroes: these are the stars I admire and applaud. Knowing that every gift to Respite will bring happiness touches me hugely.  I am so proud to be Patron of this fine charity. "